Ember & Rye in Carlsbad, CA

 The San Diego Union Tribune had an article about Ember & Rye featuring this drink.  The bubble is filled with citrus smoke.  I had to try it!  It is more of a presentation than a flavor enhancement.  I poked the bubble and, because of the wind, the smoke blew across the table to my friend.  The drink was excellent!  Mezcal with citrus flavors.  They offer a menu of ice shapes, which I thought was funny.

The restaurant is located at the Aviara Golf Club, which is part of the Park Hyatt.  The setting is very pretty, overlooking the Batiquitos Lagoon. 

This is a steak house.  You order your steak or fish; the vegetables ordered separately; then you select whatever type of sauce you prefer, such as bearnaise,  blue cheese butter, rye gravy and more.

My friends had sea bass and a filet mignon.  I also had the bacon-wrapped filet mignon.  The meat was absolute butter.  So delicious!  We loaded up on vegetables - whipped potatoes, grilled carrots and an order of grilled cauliflower.  The vegetables were great.  I didn't take any pictures of the steaks, because they are not very photogenic.  I forgot to take a picture of the bass, which was a beautiful golden color.

This place is pricey.  They offer 40 oz. steaks for $230.  It is a wonderful special occasion restaurant.  Ironically, they offer an amazing selection of vegetable dishes with interesting choices such as crispy fennel, grilled artichokes and corn creme brulee.  You could have a very nice all-vegetable meal for under $30.

Tragically, we didn't have room for dessert.


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