Blossom Cafe in Poway, CA


Blossom Cafe is very cute!  It is a spacious, cheerful place with great food and an interesting menu.  The food is Asian inspired with a range of rice bowls, Asian ice cream treats, as well as elaborate waffle breakfast creations.  

I came for lunch.  I had a bulgogi bowl, which is seasoned beef with vegetables over some of the plumpest rice I have ever had.  For dessert, I had a matcha bingsu.  Bingsu is shaved ice usually topped with sweet cream, fruit and sweet red beans.  The matcha bingsu had two scoops of matcha ice cream.  It was excellent and a very generous portion.

The cafe also has a cute kids play area and also some small toys for sale.

It is in a strip mall, next to Joann Fabrics.  From the outside, it looks small, but it is actually a large cafe.  There are several picnic benches in front, as well.  I want to return for breakfast.  The waffle creations look divine.


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