Waverly in Cardiff-by-the Sea, CA

 My sandwich had a cute piggy face!  It was a bao bun with pork, cheese and pickles.  I had it for lunch at  Waverly in Cardiff.  Despite being a few blocks from the beach, it seemed more like a fancy Beverly Hills kind of place.  San Diegans tend to be a sandy, sunscreened, slightly scruffy bunch, but everyone was dressed very nicely and there were plenty of sports cars outside.

It is a varied and clever menu and very California.  My friend started with The Waverly, which tasted like a creamsicle with gin.  My friends had a breakfast rice bowl with crunchy fried yam curls and the other had the cauliflower sharwama.  This featured a half head of cauliflower seasoned and roasted and served with pita and tzatziki.  The food was great!  I finished with a butterscotch pudding, which was very rich.

The restaurant is very beautiful.  The color palette is shades of peach with sage green.  My guess is that the name comes from Waverly, which is a famous wall paper maker acclaimed for their prints.  There is an ocean view and the doors open fully to the inside and outside flow seamlessly.  There are two interesting tile mosaics I would like to learn more about.

It was a special meal!


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