Deja Brew, San Diego, CA

 Deja Brew Lounge is on the outskirts of the most happening part of North Park, but is well worth a visit.

They have really interesting drinks!  The menu is Southeast Asia and Mexican influenced with drinks like taro matcha and also horchata drinks.  I had the ube with matcha.  Ube is a sweet Japanese yam and is the purple at the bottom.  Ube tastes like a sugar cookie to me.  The green stripe is the matcha.  The combination worked really well.  They have so many interesting drinks to try:  pandan matcha, white chocolate matcha, shaken lychee iced tea, banoffee lattes, so much to be excited about.  

My friend had a croissant and the food selection looks great as well:

They are in a little house with a patio in front:

I hope they do great business, because I have never seen such a fun and intriguing drink menu!


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