Ricardo Breceda Gallery in Aguanga, CA

 The work of Ricardo Breceda is familiar to anyone who has visited Borrego Springs.  His monumental horses, bighorn sheep, mammoths, scorpions and much more are a major attraction to the area.  He also maintains a gallery just outside Temecula.  His work ranges from pop art to historic to animals, both prehistoric and modern. 

We drove by on a holiday, so the gallery was closed, but it is well worth pulling into the parking lot anyway.  Most pieces are enormous and easy to enjoy from a distance.  Many works are the size of cars!  The stage coach is in the parking lot along the road and is life-sized.  There are a wide range of dinosaurs, enough to delight any child, and local animals such as mustangs, bighorn sheep, jack rabbits, tortoises and some mythological beings, as well.  He works in steel and the most pieces have an interesting rust patina.  He is a self-taught artist.  Amazing!


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