Nice Cream, Del Mar, CA

We have gotten into the habit of going to Del Mar in the late afternoon for a walk on the beach and dinner.  Many restaurants are a bit sparse in the dessert department, so we stroll down to Nice Cream.  This is really good ice cream!  There are many unusual flavors.  The purple scoop on top is ube, which is a made from a purple yam.  It is a traditional dessert element in the Philippines.  As an ice cream flavor, it tastes like a sugar cookie.  On other visits, I had halo halo, an ice cream take on another Filipino dessert and also honey lavender, which was delicious and a wonderful color.  There are also plenty of more traditional flavors like salted caramel.  The selection changes regularly.  A double is only $5, which is a good deal!

The shop is cute with bright lighting, a swing outside and plenty of outdoor tables.


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