Smack'n Guamanian Grill, San Diego

 Smack'n Guamanian Grill offers ample portions of barbecue with some tasty side dishes.  I had no idea what to expect!  Guam is a U.S. territory with an indigenous population, the Chamorros, who are Polynesian.  We had two chicken BBQ plates and one beef.  The meat was tender and nicely vinegary.  The meat came with red rice, cole slaw and chicken kelanguen.  The chicken kelanguen is ground chicken with vinegar and spices.  It was really good!  One plate turned into two lunches with meat left over for sandwiches.  

The restaurant is only open for take-out because of the pandemic.  The menu also includes lumpia and empanadas, showing the range of culinary influences on the island.  There are also vegetarian options.

It is located in a small strip mall on Miramar Road.  It is well worth a visit and I'm looking forward to returning.


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