Glen Ivy Hot Springs


The experience far exceeded my expectations.  We arrived at Glen Ivy Hot Springs around 9:30 and were escorted to our private area and were given a glass of champagne each. 

This was open with a private changing cabana and outdoor lounge chairs.

There are many different pools to explore.  We started at the Vista pool which is a jacuzzi pool with a view of the canyon.  The next pool was a bubbling, hot pool with Epsom salts.  There is a hydrotherapy pool where you alternate between plunging in hot water and cold water (67 degrees).  There is a lap pool, where we took an aqua yoga class.  This was fun and also challenging to keep balance in the water.  

Our package included lunch.  We really enjoyed lunch.  We had gazpacho and then some of us had salmon and some halibut in coconut curry.  These came with wine pairings included.  There are several options for appetizer, entree and dessert.

We also enjoyed the sulphur pool, which smelled like sulphur from a distance, but wasn't too overpowering while soaking.  There is also a large float pool, which is only 1-1/2 feet deep.  The floats weren't available due to COVID.  Later, in the afternoon, we enjoyed our fruit tarts for dessert.  The oddest thing was Club Mud.  In a special area, there is a mister.  You receive a ball of red mud and cover your body, then allow it to dry.  It exfoliates and then you can shower it off.  We each had a Swedish massage included in the package.  This was very nice!

Our package was the most expensive and included our area, which was premium with plenty of shade and more privacy.  It also included robes for use on property, lunch, a massage, access to all pools, etc. and classes such as yoga and meditation.  It was $395 per person.  The less expensive packages are $295.  The only thing to pay for is if you want additional food, such as snacks.  There was a menu of breakfast, snack, cocktails, etc.

I believe the packages are a COVID related development.  (I understand they used to offer a facilities-only day pass).  The capacity for the facility has been limited, so the packages help them maintain staff and income levels.   

We are there about seven hours and had plenty to do.


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