The Cork & Craft, Rancho Bernardo

They made the best of a bad situation.  The Cork & Craft answered the mandate for outdoor dining only with tents and twinkling lights in their parking lot.  The restaurant has an ample interior with an industrial vibe and view of the kitchen and beer brewing vats.  It was disappointing not to be inside, but it was a perfect night and they did a good job with their outside set-up.

The food is reliably excellent.  The menu is available by QR code and it is always tough to make a decision, because everything looks great.  I had a fried chicken sandwich with a spritzer.  One of my group had steak on goat cheese mashed potatoes with lots of roasted tomatoes.  This was a big meals and we took half home for lunch the next day.  Another had the deconstructed bolognese with a buttery braised short rib served on top of the fettuccine.  

We were especially excited about dessert.  We split up a wonderful peanut butter torte with an interesting stout glaze and a delicious peach galette with ice cream.  The portions were generous and we couldn't finish.

The Cork & Craft is located in a small office park near Sharps Rancho Bernardo.  The neighboring businesses are closed in the evening, so it is easy to find parking.  It is a great place to hang-out and have drinks, but their food is every bit as good as the beer they brew.


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