Chamoy Tacos & Fruit in Poway, CA

 This used to be a Wienerschnitzel, so the building is easy to spot.  Chamoy now specializes in Mexican street food with dishes like tortas, huaraches, tacos, roasted corn and lots of fruit drinks.  There are also meals like burritos and seafood plates.

We had already had lunch, so we stopped by for drinks.  I had a licuado with mamey.  This is fruit blended with milk.  It didn't have any added sugar, so it was a healthy, naturally sweet treat.  My friend had raspado with chamoy.  Raspado is shaved ice with a syrup.  This was also great.  There are many flavors that are unusual in the U.S.A., but common in Mexico, such as tamarind, mamey and nanche.  It is a fun way to try some new tastes.

We will return for food soon.  They also sell Mexican candies.


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