Sequoia National Park, California

We read that the campgrounds, museums and visitors centers at the Park would be closed, we prepared by packing lunches and plenty of water.  We stayed in Visalia and it was about an hour drive to the park entrance at Three Rivers.  The admission fee was $35 and was good for seven days!  The drive from the entrance to the Sherman Tree Trail is very steep with many hair-pin turns.  As you rise in elevation, the flora changes from scrub to oaks to pines.  There are plenty of pull-outs to take advantage of the amazing view.  

The sequoias are the stars of the park.  There is an easy, paved path to enjoy some of the largest trees, including General Sherman, which is the most massive tree in the world.  These trees are truly spectacular with canopies almost too high to see.  It really is bucket-list visit.  We also enjoyed seeing small inhabitants such as chipmunks, deer, squirrels and woodpeckers.

I had a problem with sciatica, so the rest of the group enjoyed a walk through the Crescent Meadow and a climb to the top of Moro Rock, which offered great views.  (Moro Rock is a very visible landmark, easily seen during the drive up to the Park).  There is a lot to be enjoyed by driving and taking short walks. 

It was a great day!  There were plenty of places with benches to enjoy a picnic with ample warnings about bears!  I was surprised there were so many wildflowers in bloom, given that it was summer.  There were beauty of every scale!  

We got an early start and arrived at the Park around 8:45 AM and there was no wait to get in.  We left earlier than we might have, because my leg hurt so much, I could only hobble around.  I felt like I had seen a lot, despite of this. 


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