A hike around Lake Poway

For a hike around a lake, it was surprisingly hilly!  We picked up the trail by walking past the beach on the right.  The trail around the lake is about three miles.  It is a very pretty walk with many nice views of the lake, wildflowers and lots of lizards.  There are several trails that peel off from the main trail, which is wide and in excellent condition.  The trail to Potato Chip Rock splits off from this trail, after about 1/2 mile.  There is also an exit to a trail that connects with the Blue Sky Reserve.

The only drawback is that there is very little shade.  It is a great early morning hike.  The lake also has fishing, paddle boats, snack bar, picnic areas, grassy fields and a large parking lot.

Normally, there is a modest admission fee for non-Poweigans.  The booth was closed, probably because of the virus.

The trail is very popular.  Most people were wearing masks.  Good work Poweigans!


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