Montana de Oro State Park near Morro Bay, California

The terraced rocks are a unique feature

The dark dots are otters

There were guillemots resting in some of the nooks in the rocks

Baby ground squirrel

This is a spectacular state park, just south of Morro Bay.  There are wide rocky beaches, fascinating terraced rock formations and lovely wildflower meadows.  We drove through the winding road through the park, past several pull-outs to one near the beach.  From the beach, Spooner's Cove, we could see several sea caves.  It is a unique beach with a base of black volcanic sand with lots of pebbles.  It is unlike most California beaches.  We walked up the bluff and watched guillemots and gulls.  Then, we saw otters!  At least seven!  They were floating on their backs at the crest of waves, then diving down to bob up again with a snack.  We were smart to bring binoculars!

There was a family of ground squirrels in the meadow, including three babies.  The wildflower meadows were beautiful and full of red-winged blackbirds and song sparrows.

This is a wonderful a park as any I have visited.  There are plenty of trails that do inland from the beach, so there is much to explore.


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