A Visit to Lake Hodges, Escondido during social distancing

An artist's rendering of the Hodgee monster

Yes, there's lots of water

Witch hazel in bloom

Two weeks ago, we decided to get out of the house with an old-fashioned drive.  We drove along the Del Dios Highway and then looped back along Lake Drive.  I had long heard stories of a tremendous monster lurking in Lake Hodges.  "Mitch" Mitchell created a rendering in wood based on some accounts of this Loch-Ness-Monster-like beast.  The sculpture is tall enough to be slightly menacing and is yet still a fun sighting.  We drove by too early to eat at nearby Hernandez Hideaway, but will try it another day.

Friday, We heard that neighborhood parks were open, so we got up early to walk across the pedestrian bridge at Lake Hodges.  The parking lot at the Rancho Bernardo Community Center was closed, as was the dirt lot closest to the Lake (across from Casa de las Campanas).  It was easy to find street parking at 7 AM.  We were delighted to find the bridge open.  In the distance, we could see the white pelicans who visit each spring.  There were plenty of swifts hunting aerial gnats and several red-winged black birds.

The water level was fairly high, but it was difficult to see the water.  The area had filled in with tall grasses that then died off as the water rose with the spring rains.  It was very pretty and quiet.  The bridge will soon be busy again with hikers, bikers, runners and walkers as restriction are lifted.  It was a treat to enjoy the serenity.


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