The Presidential Palace, Abu Dhabi

This place is almost indescribably massive and impressive.  The interior glows gold and the exterior is awe-inspiring from any distance.  The pristine matte-white marble enhances the impressive design which is best appreciated from afar.  There are minimal external decorative elements, so the domes and overall floor plan is the focus.  Pictures cannot begin to capture the magnificence. 

For an interior which is overwhelmingly gold, it doesn't appear garish.  The gold in primarily gold foil which gives the vast spaces a warmth. 

There are large open spaces around the Palace with beautiful water features.

The Qasr Al Watan (Palace of the Nation) is open to the public by an admission ticket at 60 dirhams. You can separately book a tour, but it seemed unnecessary, since the Palace is easy to appreciate and there are descriptives signs.  There are places to buy meals and snacks.

This was an Instagram space that was very popular

This is just a small section of the Palace


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