Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi

This is the third largest mosque in the world.  It is among the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen!  It is a must see!

A visit starts in the large visitors center, which has many cafes and shops.  It is underground, so you are out of the intense light and heat.  Women are offered a loan of an abaya with a hoodie.  Modest dress is expected and the hair completely covered.  You travel through a long tunnel with a moving walkway, just like an airport and then up a moving ramp.  The view from the courtyard is stunning.  It is possible to see into two sides chambers of the interior.  There is the world's largest carpet inside.  They make it very easy to visit and I saw several people in wheelchairs enjoying their visit.  Photography is permitted, but they don't like people hugging and other PDA's.

The mosque is beautifully lit at night and worth a drive by.

The hours are limited on Fridays, since it is the day of prayer.


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