Saadiyat Beach Club and the Heritage Village in Abu Dhabi

You can get a day pass to the Saadiyat Beach Club for about $95 for a couple.  I thought this was a great deal.  There is a beautiful, large infinity pool and a private beach.  (The private cabanas are an extra charge). There is a spa included with a hot tub, wet/dry saunas and a cold plunge pool.  The food was excellent.  (Not included).  It was a fun way to spend the afternoon.  The staff was very attentive.

In the morning, we went to the Heritage Village.  The Village shows traditional Abu Dhabi life, before oil.  It is remarkable to think that there are older people in Abu Dhabi who grew up this way.  By contrast, the Village offers a great view of the modern city.  It is also across the street from a marina full of yachts.  There are many exhibits of history, traditional homes, crafts and more.  It was a very interesting experience!


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