Meylas - Cuisine of the United Arab Emirites

Abu Dhabi has every kind of restaurant!  We had Indian, Ethiopian, Italian and more.  I was eager to try a traditional meal.  I was happy to find Meylas.  (They have a good website that explains a lot about the food).  Abu Dhabi has its roots in fishing.  The menu featured local fish and prawns, as well as lamb and chicken.  There were also several vegetarian options with lentils.  The food was great and very filling! 

The restaurant is a little hard to find.  We were dropped off by an Uber behind a series of residential buildings.  We had to ask directions from a passerby and then walked around the buildings.  Then, we found a group of helpful children who led us down a series of steps to the beach level.  There are several restaurants and cafes there, overlooking the water.  It was very pretty at night!  There were a lot of families enjoying the cool evening and children playing.

This bread was served with delicious date syrup
This was a vegetarian stew served with bread

These lentils were served with lamb

Prawns in rice


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