Martabaan, Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi

I've never been to a molecular gastronomy Indian restaurant.  Martabaan uses innovative techniques to offer fun, delicious and innovative food.  We went for lunch.  The Emirates Palace Hotel is stunning and well worth a visit.  There are many restaurants available.  Martabaan offers a wonderful view of the beach.

Somehow, I didn't take many pictures.  I missed the entrees entirely!

We started with wonderful non-alcoholic drinks.  One of us had rassam, a traditional soup of South India.  It was made with a Japanese coffee infusion.  The technique was new to me and the results were great.  Another of us had a lentil soup with a wonderful coconut foam.

The infuser to make the rassam

The hotel was beautifully decorate for Christmas

My drink had a nice view


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