Louvre Abu Dhadi

The building itself is an architectural marvel.  The design is clearly influenced by traditional elements of Arabic design.  The domed roof is formed of perforated geometric structures which reflect the complex geometric patterns of traditional Islamic art.  The shadows and rays of light on the ground are art on its own.  The matte-white marble offers a cohesive design theme that is reflected in other important buildings in the city.  The Louvre Abu Dhabi also integrates with the sea in a really beautiful and unique way.

The elements are also practical.  The roof blocks the harsh sunlight, but allows enough light in.  The matte finish keeps the buildings from producing a glare.

The architect is Jean Nouvel.  It is worth a visit, even if you don't carry about art.

The collection is presented in an unusual manner - by chronology, rather than location.  So, works from a given time frame are displayed together, whether the pieces are from Arabia, Europe, Asia, the Americas or Africa.  It is an intriguing approach and it makes good use of the collection.  It leads the viewer to see relationships between cultures, rather than seeing each part of the world as siloed. 

The large dome overarches a series of smaller buildings

This is the first representation of a porcupine in art!

The sea surrounds and also flows between the buildings

You can kayak around and into the museum


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