Fortnum & Mason for tea, London

Fortnum & Mason is the spot for fancy noms-noms.  They are famous for their tea selections and hampers of luxury edibles.  They are also well known for their high tea.  Although tea was meant to be a light meal between lunch and a late dinner, it really serves as a full meal on its own.  Everything was fabulous from the little sandwiches, which included coronation chicken and the traditional cucumber with cream cheese.  The scone course was also amazing.  These were delicate and so unlike the dough blobs with the same name in the U.S.  The pastry course (top level) is always too much for me!

They gave us a cake slice to take home, as well.  All part of it.  I had the house tea which was a wonderful, flavorful black tea.  

It was a bit pricey, but it was a substitute for dinner, so it seemed about right.


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