Old Town, Albuquerque including the Rattlesnake Museum

The center of Old Town, Albuquerque is the Plaza Square.  This small park is across the street from the stunning San Felipe de Neri church, built in 1793.  Old Town has over one hundred shops and restaurants.  Many offer art and crafts from the area.  We watched the Old Town Christmas tree go up.  It is a fun area to wander around for a few hours.  We ate lunch at Little Anita's.  This nice restaurant is across the street from the NM Visitors Center, near the statue of Francisco Fernando de la Cueva, the Spanish Viceroy of the day.  He was the Duke of Alburquerque (an "r" was later dropped).  He gives the city its name and also nickname of "Duke City".

We stumbled on the Rattlesnake Museum, tucked away just off the Plaza.  It was amazing place.  The collection is focused on the many species of rattlesnakes in the local area.  I was only familiar with Western Diamondbacks and Eastern Timber rattlers.  My mind was blown by the many other species native to the Americas.  There was also a gila monster!  The museum is stuffed with quirky stuff, like a collection of sodas with reptile names, crocodile skulls, information about snakebite treatment, a salamander, some non-rattlesnakes and more.  This is a small, but a really fun and educational visit.  You receive a certificate of bravery for visiting.

That's a nice looking snake!


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