Meow Wolf, Santa Fe

How to describe Meow Wolf?  I'm just going to describe our experience.  You need to buy tickets online for a time slot.  A group of about fifty people enter the lobby.  We were told that there is a mystery to be solved about the family that lived in the house inside and to start with clues in the mail box.  Then, we entered to find a full-size, very average-looking two-story home.  The house seemed circa the 1960's and was full with normal furniture, photos of a family with a boy, a girl, a mother and father and photos with grandparents.  There are a few odd items.  Very quickly you find a passage to an alternate universe or universes of neon, huge art pieces, a crazy camper, a black-and-white world, and so much as to be almost overwhelming.  You wander, you climb, you sit, you think, you wonder.  The psychedelic back part of the house seems to be an hallucination of the front.  For example, the family room has an aquarium and you soon find yourself is an insane sea scape with a musical whale skeleton. 

We wandered around and then became slightly concerned that we wouldn't find our way out.  (There are a few staff people in the installation).  Then, we found a mysterious door that popped us out through the refrigerator and back into the house.

At first, I thought it seemed more Portland, Oregon than Santa Fe, but I think it is a good counterpoint to the rarified art work in the many galleries and museums in the city. 

It is great fun and worth multiple visits, especially if you want to form a theory about the fate of the family.  There is so much art work it would take time to explore it all fully, such as the many art videos.  It takes some climbing up ramps to get into all the sections.  It can be visually overwhelming.  It is a good place to lose a small child, so hold hands!

It is easy to find, because there is a giant robot in front.  I think the parking lot isn't big enough - we had to park down the street, so allow extra time to park or take a ride share.


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