Mary & Tito's Cafe, Albuquerque, NM

I knew nothing about the unique cuisine of New Mexico.  Mary & Tito's Cafe was my first introduction.  The menu is full of regional specialties such as carne adovada (pork marinated in red chiles), stuffed sopapillas and more.  Most dishes are served with red chile or green chile.  These sauces are simply Hatch chiles cooked down with garlic and oregano.  Hatch chiles are flavorful and not especially hot.  The green chile is the immature chile, which turns red when it is ripe. 

The restaurant has been around since the 1960's.  It is in a business area, across the street from a small motel and next to a motorcycle repair shop.  It is a very simple place with a gravel parking lot and an entrance on the parking lot side. 

I liked the food a lot!  Very tasty and very regional.


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