Artichoke Cafe, Albuquerque

It's a fine dining restaurant more than a cafe, although the ambiance is relaxed.  They put a cute little "Artichoke Cafe" stamp on the table paper.  I had a great cocktail, the "bitter jaguar", which was mezcal based.  Despite the name, it was very well balanced.  We were very happy with our meal!  The menu has several dishes that shout New Mexico with ingredients like Tucumcari cheese and hatch chile.  It is a small menu, so a picky eater should look it over first.

This attractive restaurant has its own parking lot across the street.  I have heard this is very important in New Mexico.

An appetizer of brussel sprouts

Two of us had pumpkin ravioli

Rack of lamb

A very cute and tasty pumpkin cheesecake


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