Morning Glory, San Diego and the farmers market in Little Italy

I saw a review in "The Reader" and Morning Glory was enthusiastically praised.  It is very cute with an interesting menu and well deserving of the long lines.  We arrived at 7:15 AM and there were plenty of seats.  The waitstaff wear overalls with mattress ticking stripes.  They were cheerful and made us feel that we were going to have a great day!  We started with amazing coffee that smelled and tasted divine, served in ample mugs.  The menu included a wide range of interesting items including a Georgian dish (the country), shakshuka (the Tunisian equivalent of huevos rancheros) and several vegan options. 

They are best known for their Japanese-style souffle pancakes, so that's what I ordered.  The waiter explained that, due to the delicate nature of the souffle, they would take a while to prepare and would then be rushed to the table.  I enjoyed my coffee while my friend eat some eggs.  The pancakes arrived, very cute, very hot and very delicious.  I think Japanese sweets are all about texture.  The pancakes were lightly sweet and almost foamy.  Very good.

The restaurant is big, airy and cute.  It is located above the Farmer's Table and there are stairs and an elevator from the fountain plaza at Date Street.  We will definitely return!

The farmers market with a view of the bay
After breakfast, we wandered through the market that runs along Date Street on Saturdays.  It was around 8:15 and everyone was set up.  This is a large and interesting market with plenty of vendors selling fresh food and then specialty items ranging from cookies to cheeses to hummus.

We left with okra, sunchokes, mole sauce, preserved lemons, mate tea and black garlic.


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