Specialty Produce, San Diego

Specialty Produce is a distributor with a warehouse open to the public.  If you like to cook or are interested in exotic produce - it is a must visit.  The building is located near the airport.  The lobby is full of colorful photos of area chefs, exotic produce and farmers markets around the world.  The photographs of produce are especially stunning with exotics such as atamoya, cacao bean, mangosteen, rambutan and much more in all their vibrant colors. 

To shop, you need to register in the lobby (just provide a name and email) and sign a liability waiver.  The waiver is because there are forklifts in operation around the warehouse and areas where ice has fallen on the floor.  A helpful staff member will take you on a brief tour. 

The warehouse is huge.  There is an amazing range of items.  There is a walk-in cooler just full of microgreens.  There is bulk quantities of staples like potatoes, oranges and wheels of cheese.  There are also a wide range of unusual items.  I bought Australian finger limes, tomatillos, Japanese yuzu, chocolate persimmons and strawberry papayas.  There are bulk spices, bulk Asian groceries, bulk Latin America staple, like every kind of dried chile, baking supplies - it is a mind-boggling selection.  

The only negative is that prices aren't marked.  Some of the specialty items are quite expensive, but you can take things up to be priced.

I was there roaming around for about 20 minutes and didn't see everything.  I can't wait to return.

The displays are very simple

These were in the mushroom department

Bulk groceries


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