Taylor Tomlinson at Kaaboo

For me, the hit of Sunday Kaaboo was Taylor Tomlinson at the "Humor Me" comedy venue.  She was hysterical with smart humor and a slick delivery.  She is only twenty-five, but her material was relatable for anyone has ever been twenty-five or is approaching twenty-five.  Her style is definitely on the dark side, with a joke about moving to LA for her career, only to find the city is "a concentration camp for people with dreams".  She asked people to raise their hands if they were introverts and then snapped, "Well, that's a test you failed, because a true introvert doesn't raise his hand and yell "whooo".  There wasn't a slow second and the whole set was one of the sharpest and funniest I have ever heard.

Her show started our day at Kaboo.  We heard Lifehouse, who sounded great.  It was a hot afternoon, so we got a pineapple smoothie and went inside to look at the art exhibit.  The work tended toward the commercial with a lot of big and bright, but it was a good show overall.  We went back out to hear The Bangles, who also sounded fantastic.

We left early, because it was hot and I had a toothache, which got fixed with a crown the next day.  I really wanted to hear Duran Duran, but my tooth was pounding.  Maybe next year.

Kaboo is an extremely well run three-day festival in Del Mar.  There are lots of stages with many bands performing at the same time.  You can wander from venue to venue and hear a lot.  There is also a comedy club and a stage with food demonstrations.  They use many of the fair buildings, so there are places to be inside and cool off when the sea breeze stops blowing.  There are many food choices from a Korean wings food truck to acai bowls to mini-donuts and lots and lots of alcohol.  Nice toilets, too!

There are many different types of tickets and VIP experiences for the three-day event.  The different levels of experiences confuse me.  Two years ago, we went for all three days and it was overwhelming.  This year, we got a basic "Hang Loose" ticket and wished we had opted for some of the more expensive options that get you access to some exclusive areas.

Looking forward to Kaboo 2020.  (I just heard it is moving to Petco Park).  I hope to see Taylor Tomlinson again.  I think she is a good fit for an appearance on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

They have a lot of large murals and artists work on them throughout the Festival

This bear was my mood

Made with broken records


A whiskey-a-go-go truck

The Bangles


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