Trust San Diego

I have mixed feelings about our dinner at Trust.  Our meal, except dessert was excellent, but the restaurant participates in some annoying modern culinary trends.  I do not approve of the "share plates" concept.  The idea is that everyone orders two small plates to make a meal and that everyone is supposed to share.  I don't like sharing and most of the people I eat with have dietary restrictions that make it difficult to find foods in common.  It also means that what seems like a reasonably priced entree actually needs to be doubled to make a meal.  I think this is a sneaky way to get people to spend more money.  Many restaurants have embraced this "tapas" concept, but tapas, in Spain anyway, is not meant to be a meal, but rather awesome snacks to eat with drinks during the long stretch of time between the end of the work day and dinner.

I had the Duroc pork belly.  This was a wonderful dish with a tart sauce contrasting with rich bites of pork belly.  The crisp watermelon was another nice contrast in texture and sweetness.  The amount of pork was tiny.  One friend had the lamb meatballs.  She found her food filling, but she is a size 0.  The bottom of the menu has a small section called "More", which was priced like an entree.  The other person in our group had the whole grilled branzino for $30.  It wasn't accompanied by anything, so wasn't a complete entree in my view.  We had to ask for bread, otherwise, at least two of us would have been hungry.

Dessert was problematic.  We were given this menu:

It's very cute and I understand wanting to have something playful for the summer, but the waiter had to explain each item to us.  One friend ordered the "creamsicle" profiterole.  This was overly sweet and tasted like Krispy Kreme donuts. 

I ordered the strawberry shortcake pop.  It was also overly sweet and no better than what I make for my kids.  

For the amount we spent we could have gotten a better meal at many other restaurants.  


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