Bresca in Washington, DC

These pictures give a good representation of the food at Bresca.  It has a well deserved Michelin star.  The food is visual appealing and imaginative in its blending of flavors.  I started with a classic gin cocktail, Bee's Knees.  It was excellent and beautiful in its special glass.  You have to order bread and butter at $6, but it was freshly made and delightful.  For a main course, I had ricotta gnudi with sweet corn, mushrooms, truffle and spinach.  This was an excellently balanced dish with sweet and savory, crisp and creamy.  My friend had foie gras sausage with blackberries.  This was a chicken sausage in a bone broth.  Very good!  For dessert, we split a tropical ambrosia which had a wonderful meringue.  It was fun to whack it to split it open.  It was sweet and tart with some herbal notes.

This is one of the best restaurants I have eaten at.  The menu is very creative and outside-the-box.  Be forewarned that it is a small menu.  We were comfortably full with bread, two small plate entrees and sharing a dessert.  People with large appetites will want to order the large plate entree or two small plates to feel full.

The space is bright and modern.  The service was excellent and friendly.


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