The Living Coast Discovery Center, Chula Vista

I'm always excited to meet a sea turtle.  The sea turtles are front and center at The Living Coast Discovery Center.  We watched them eat romaine!

From the parking lot, you must take a shuttle bus to the Center.  Although it is a short distance, the area between the Center and the lot is protected wetlands and the public isn't allowed to walk through.  In addition to the sea turtles, the Center has several aquaria and displays of interesting animals, like poison arrow frogs.  There is a very large shark and ray encounter tank.  You can pet a ray on its slippery little head.  There is a collection of raptors ranging from a bald eagle and vultures (not actually a raptor) to a tiny kestrel.  There are also area shore birds and there is a breeding project for an endangered rail.  The exhibits emphasize the importance of water quality and the harms of plastic pollution.

After visiting the Center, we walked on the trails down to the bay.  There is a great view of the Silver Strand Beach.  We also saw a wild osprey, vulture, several small birds and many butterflies.

It was a nice visit.  We spent about 1-1/2 hours.  Admission was $16 per person for adults.  There are restrooms, a small gift shop, but no snack bar.


These rays came right up if you lean over the tank.

That's Silver Strand across the bay.

Kids really enjoyed the bus ride!


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