Farm-to-Table California Style at Farmer's Table in Clairemont, San Diego

Although it sits on a parking lot, Farmer's Table does a good job of making a diner feel transported.  You can imagine an herb garden out back and the yammering of sheep.  The menu is Italian influenced with classic dishes with a lighter, California flair.  We sat in the front patio, which is separated from the parking lot by a wall of succulents and some screens.  

We started with hard ciders and an appetizer of burrata with figs, pecans and fig jam.  It was served very cutely in a shorty mason jar with a side of toasted bread.  It was simple, but very tasty.  It took 30 minutes for our entrees to arrive, which was a bit disappointing.  When we arrived, the restaurant was virtually empty, so it shouldn't have taken so long.  My friend had excellent sea bass.  I had a fine ratatouille risotto.  It was topped with beautifully roasted carrots.  It was so hearty, I took half home for lunch the next day.

I would definitely return!  The vegetable forward menu is very California and I wanted every dish on the menu.  There was an appealing selection of pizzas!  I think it would be great if they added a mocktail menu, which would fit in well with the fresh theme of the restaurant.


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