Puesto in La Jolla

It looks like the eye of Sauron, but it is one of Puesto's wonderful desserts.  The chocolate shell encases a light mango cream.  We went to the La Jolla branch of this mini-chain, which has locations in downtown San Diego and a few spots in Los Angeles.  We had agua frescas for drinks.  Mine was jamaica.  We started out with salsa, which was made with roasted tomatoes - a nice variation on the typical pico de gallo.  We ordered the classic guacamole, which was smooth and not as good as what I make at home. My friend had a nice chicken soup (caldo) with plenty of meat.  I had three tacos - duck confit, tamarind shrimp and mushroom.  Puesto offers some unusual taco fillings, including Maine lobster and spring pea.

The restaurant is very open, bright and attractive.  It ended up being a very cheap meal, which happens when you don't get margaritas.  I thought the food was very good, with a good spice level and distinct flavor profiles.

This glassware is pretty!


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