Olio in St. Louis

I've probably already written about Olio, but it is my must-visit restaurant in St. Louis.  The food is Middle Eastern inspired and something I could easily eat every day.  We started with an Aperol spritz and a lemonade.  It felt like the start of summer.  We ordered the King Hummus, which is a wall of hummus protecting the tahini.  I forget to take a picture of the pita, but it is house-made and very airy.  I had the marinated carrots, which was very filling.  My friend had lamb sandwiches served with tzatziki.  We took two of them home for dinner.

The cuisine at Olio's seems simple, but the dishes have a complex flavor profile.  The food is hearty and delicious.  It is located in a hip area and is conveniently across the street from a bakery specializing in macarons.  You can easily take half of your Olio meal home for dinner and have a coffee and dessert at the bakery and call yourself a fortunate soul!

They use purple carrots which is just so extra!

We ate two of the sandwiches before I took the picture.


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