Leo Carrillo Historic Ranch in Carlsbad

The Leo Carrillo Historic Ranch makes a great visit for anyone interested in California history or old Hollywood.  The property was originally a cattle ranch.  It was eventually divided among heirs and one sold his portion to the actor, Leo Carrillo.  Carrillo was a native of Los Angeles and found success as a stage, silent movie, talkie and then TV star.  He wasn't a familiar name to me, but his friends included Will Rogers, Harry Houdini, Clark Gable, Carole Lombard and many others.  Celebrities were frequent visitors to the ranch.

Today, Carrillo's home, which is restored adobe, is open and the grounds make for a fine stroll.  There are a lot of lizards, peacocks roaming around, and native and exotic plants.  Yes, there are peacocks - descendants of birds Carrillo brought to his ranch.

We joined a tour and the very knowledgeable and interesting guide told us about the history and showed us around the house.  It is amazing how much cooler in is inside an adobe structure than outside!  There is a lot of Hollywood memorabilia.

The Ranch is on Carrillo Way.  You enter the walled property through a large iron gate, just past the swim club.  The concrete road takes you to the large parking lot.  There is a staffed visitor center and restrooms.  Admission is free.  It is a popular wedding venue.

There are about 30 peafowl on the property wall

The house:

Luther Burbank developed these spineless cacti seen in foreground

The Ranch's brand is on the fireplace

It doesn't get more SoCal than this!


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