Confluence Kombucha, St. Louis

Confluence Kombucha has a lot more than kombucha.  The menu is an ode to fermentation.  Most of the dishes feature a pickle or fermented item.  The food is vegetarian with unusual ingredients and food preparation techniques.  We started with a tasting flight of kombucha.  I don't like kombucha, but enjoyed all but one of the four samples.  My friend had jackfruit with coconut yogurt.  She cleaned the plate!  I had a dosa made with fermented tea with jackfruit seed butter and a set of condiments like spinach chutney, rhubarb with vanilla sugar and more.  It was delicious, but the dark dosa wasn't visually appealing.  For dessert, we shared raw cacao truffle rolled in pistachio and cacao/nut cups.

This is a hip spot for adventurous eaters.  It is a gastrolab and it reminded me of the food experiments that Noma is famous for.  The food was delicious, but you need an open mind when reading the menu.  The staff is eager to discuss how the food is prepared and helpful in making suggestions.

Their selection of kombucha

The cubes are mandarin orange, mixed with the peel and olive oil

This tasted better than it looked


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