A walking tour of Rancho Santa Fe

La Flecha house, home of the RSF Historical Society

Designed by Lilian Rice, this building features a charming courtyard

These were originally apartments

Rice-designed row homes

Rancho Santa Fe was an early planned community and much of the design of the center of the village was the responsibility of architect Lilian Rice.  Her focus was on homes and offices that encouraged outdoor experiences.  The homes are modest, but offer private courtyards that act as additional rooms.  She was inspired by California mission architecture in her design, choice of building materials and color palette.  Her aesthetic has been widely embraced and is apparent in the design of many of the surrounding communities.  

The walking tour starts at the Rancho Santa Fe Historical Society, which uses a Rice house as their office.  They offer tour brochures or it can be found online.  It is easy to see the 16 sites in about an hour.  

The Rancho Santa Fe Village offers several cafes and fine dining restaurants.  There are a few retail shops including a nice florist, gift shop, women's clothes store and an antique store. 


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