Night of the Horse, Del Mar Fairgrounds

Every year, we attend an event at the Del Mar National Horse show.  The show runs for three weeks and there are special shows each weekend.  We went to the Night of the Horse, which focuses on Western-style riding and horse culture.  There were several exciting exhibition teams with precision riding and bedazzled horses.  Ladies enjoy loading the horse behinds with glitter!  The movements would have been complex for people and it was thrilling to see them perfectly executed at a gallop.  There was a fun section about the contributions of women to the success of the Mexican revolution.  There was stunt riding and trick roping.  There was a parade of ladies in Victorian dress on horseback and in carriages.  A stagecoach pulled by a team of four brought the old West back to life.  It was a fun evening.  Before the show, there is live music, a horse meet-and-greet and plenty of fair food, like fried pineapple.

I think the show could have been longer.  I would have also enjoyed an exhibition of Western riding events like pole bending and barrel racing.  I always have a problem with the acoustics of the area.  I never understand what the announcer is saying. 


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