More birds of Southern California

The San Diego Zoo is another place to see local birds.  They take advantage of the many water features around the zoo.  I went last week and saw these:

A Great Blue Heron

Cinnamon teals

A Ruddy duck with a bright blue bill

I went to Webb Lake Park in Rancho Bernardo.  It is a small park with an attractive pond.  There were a lot of birds, but many I had already photographed.  I spotted these:

I didn't find this bird in my list of SoCal species, so it may be a introduced duck

A great-tailed grackle

Turtles, but they look meme-worthy

This is also a species that may have been brought to the Park

I saw this at a friend's house.  It is certainly an attempt at a nest by a house wren.  They are notorious for building nests anywhere. 

I saw these English sparrows at the LA County Natural History Museum:


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