Fallbrook Avocado Festival

I was a bit disappointed.  I think there could have been more specifically avocado-themed items and more food that used avocados in an unusual way.  The Fallbrook Avocado Festival is still a good time.
This isn't a scene from The Walking Dead, they are hungry for avocados

Brooktown is a charming cafe and coffee shop in downtown Fallbrook

We parked on a street near the high school.  The lot was full, because of a dance competition.  We took a bus into the downtown.  By 10 AM, the streets were already mobbed.  There were hundreds of stalls.  It was almost like the San Diego County Fair with hats, clothes, jewelry, water purifiers, pillows and more for sale.  There were plenty of food truck, including an avocado toast truck.  There were guacamole booths, fresh avocados for sale and a few places selling avocado ice cream.  There was a lot of live music and a bar for adults.  There was a mini-car show of vintage cars and some Ferraris and a Pantera and a GTO among the stand-out sports cars.

The town was very well prepared for the crowds.  The buses from the parking lots ran frequently.  The local businesses were open and so it was easy to find a place to enjoy a sit-down meal or coffee.  It was perfect weather too!  We bought a $5 bag of avocados, dates from the Coachella valley and a handbag made from horse feed sacks.

It was a fun morning and we also enjoyed the drive from San Diego through Bonsall.  Fallbrook holds many festivals during the year.  We have also been to the rock and mineral show.  They manage everything very well.  They probably should have held the Fyre Festival in Fallbrook.  It would have gone well.


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