Kemuri Tatsu-ya, Austin

Puff Puff Pass

Street corn

Ramen with Texas brisket

Excellent yuzu pecan pie

Kemuri Tatsu-ya is Japanese with some Texas influences.  They offer a wide range of sake, shochu and Japanese and Texas whiskey.  We had the Puff Puff Pass cocktail and it was strong and excellent.  It used a sweet potato shochu (shochu is a Japanese fermented drink similar to sake, but less refined.)  We started with the Tokyo street corn which used a yuzu pepper aioli, but was still topped with the familiar cotija cheese.  It was great.  We all had the Texas ramen.  It was good, but I have had better broths.  We concluded with pecan pie, which was truly outstanding!  It didn't have the cloying sweetness that is a problem with most pecan pies.  I loved it!

This is a really unique and fun place.  The staff greets you with a hearty "irasshaimase", which is the TGIFriday's, but went to Japan to collect the stuff.  I loved everything about it and want to return and try more dishes.  One cocktail is served in a lucky cat cup.

A view from the street

This is in the ladies room and it lights up


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