El Naranjo, Oaxacan food in Austin

The condiments are chiles;  butter with chile and orange; pickled vegetables

Mole Coloradito with shrimp

Pastel Azteca 

Mole negro

This is one of the best Mexican restaurant I have visited.  There are three types of mole (a traditional sauce made with chiles and chocolate) and you have your choice of pork, duck, chicken or shrimp as the protein.  I've been to Oaxaca and the mole negro is the most famous dish of the region.  It is very rich with a velvety texture.  The mole coloradito is a lighter sauce with a tomato base.  I had the pastel azteca, which is like a lasagna with corn tortillas layered with spinach, almonds, raisins and cheese.  The food is quite spicy and very flavorful.  

It is an attractive place on a lively street with plenty of restaurants and bars.  It was during SXSW and the area was bustling.  There are some interesting cocktails and a full menu of tequilas.

A must visit! 


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