Grant Grill, San Diego

The Grant Grill is an old-school fancy restaurant.  The kind you take your parents or grandparents to.  We enjoyed our meal, but found every dish a little too salty.  The space is beautiful and it is located in the always impressive Grant Hotel.  The hotel is on Horton Plaza and convenient to all the downtown performing arts venues.  I started with a Recovery Ramos Fizz.  I forgot to take a picture.  It is a non-alcoholic take on the classic Ramos Gin Fizz.  It was good.

Soup with chanterelles and gnocchi

These are ugly, but very tasty fried sunchokes

Chilean sea bass

I had pork with an excellent apple/parsnip puree.  The chop also came with pork belly which offered a different texture.  It was good, but salty.  I had a side of sunchokes.  These aren't often on a menu, I think, because they are difficult to clean.  They have a sweet, slightly nutty taste and are also excellent raw.  My friend had the soup and fish.

It is an expensive restaurant and, for the money, I would prefer the Marine Room.  But, it is an unbeatable location if you are downtown.  We were going to a concert at the Balboa.  The staff was very helpful and asking about which show we were attending to make sure we were served promptly.  We will definitely return.  They have a very famous negroni that I want to try.  I can't have a drink and expect to be alert for a show, so it will have to wait for a brunch visit.


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