That's A Big Buddha...

The Buddha sits on the highest point of Lantau Island, Hong Kong.  It is 112 feet tall and made of bronze.  It sits atop a lotus and was built in 1993.  It must have been quite a feat of engineering to bring the sections to the island, transport them up the mountain and then weld the sections together.  Inside the building below the Buddha is a reliquary that contains bone fragments of the Buddha.  Down a set of steps is a monastery and temple complex.  It is a very impressive site, especially since there are so many visitors in prayer.

We took a bus to the top and the aerial tram down.  The aerial tram is next to the Tung Chung Metro Station.  The monastery has food for guests and there are also some souvenir shops for tourists.  We had a delicious vegetarian meal at the monastery.  One of the best meals we had in Hong Kong!

A view of the monastery

A detail of one of the temples

Large incense sticks

There are feral cattle and buffalo roaming the island and they enjoy a scratch.

This is the aerial tram.  The ride takes about 15 minutes


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