Hong Kong Museum of History and lunch at Arcane

It had been quite cold in Hong Kong, so we opted for an indoor activity.  We went to the Hong Kong Museum of History.  This is an impressive museum located in Kowloon.  The displays are engaging with many life-sized dioramas and there are many short films available throughout the museum.  It begins with the geology of the area and moves to the early inhabits of the region.  There are many interesting artifacts and also information about ongoing archaeology being done in the area.  A large part of the museum is devoted to the unique cultures of the many ethnic groups in the area.  There is also a thorough explanation of the Opium Wars and how Hong Kong became a British territory.

It is a very attractive, modern museum and offers something for everyone.

These figures are gigantic

These bun towers are part of an annual folk festival


We had lunch at Arcane, located in the business district of Hong Kong, on the third-floor of a small office building.  It has one Michelin star and offers a very umami forward menu.  Most of the dishes include the generous use of mushrooms and are very rich.  The portions seem small, but are very satisfying.  There are also several vegetarian offerings.

Sautéed potato gnocchi with charred cevenne onion, morel and shiitake duxelle, black truffle as a starter

Chicken with cannelloni of confit leg

My Iberian ham

When you look at the website, bear in mind that the prices are in HK dollars.  The exchange rate was about 7 HK dollars to 1 US dollars


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