Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Ha Long Bay is full of small limestone islands which dramatically jut from the sea.  The effect is magical.  Not surprising, the islands were created by a dragon, which is currently resting at the bottom of the bay - so, no shouting!

There are many boats that take visitors through the bay.  These leave from a central cruise terminal.  It is all well organized and we joined a throng of tourists from China (the border is only a few miles away).  We had a private tour and ate a lovely lunch on board.  It is misty and so the islands appeared mysterious and intriguing.  We stopped to tour a large cave on one of the islands.  It was a dry, well-light cave.  (Caves usually give me the creeps because they are wet and dark).

The Bay is another must-see if you are in northern Vietnam.  It is spectacular and unlike anything in the U.S.  It is about a four-hour drive from Ha Noi.  We spent the night at the nearby Novotel and then cruised the following morning and then drove back to Ha Noi in the afternoon.

The boats are medium-size, seating about 100 and the water was very calm

A view of one island

The cave


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