Masters Kitchen + Cocktail Bar in Oceanside

We read an article in Edible San Diego about the vegan cheese plate at Masters in Oceanside and wanted to give it a try for lunch.  It is a very pretty restaurant with high ceilings and an indoor garden.  There is also a patio.  The menu is vegan and vegetarian friendly, but there are plenty of traditional items as well.

There were two vegan cheeses based on nut milk

Hummus plate

Watermelon and heirloom tomato salad

A beet burger

We enjoyed our meal!  Everything was very fresh.  The vegan cheese platter had three spreads (satay, cranberry and fig), spiced raisins and a raspberry compote.  The two cheeses had the texture and look of traditional cheese.  One was a blue cheese style and the other similar to a cheddar.  I think the cheddar needed some salt, like a smoked sea salt, in the creation.  It was a little bland.  Nuts are a good substitute for milk, because they have their own creamy richness.

We will definitely return.  We enjoyed a nice walk to the pier and watched the surfers and seagulls.  It was a nice way to spend an afternoon that was a little too cold to sit on the beach.


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