DxT: Death by Tequila in Encinitas

Encinitas has become a great dining destination. We stopped in at Death By Tequila for an early dinner. I started with a tasty, black tequila-based cocktail called "Los Muertos" (The Dead).  Then, we ordered a flight of guacamole and chips.  There was a traditional guacamole, one with grilled pineapple and one with pepitas.  They were all excellent.  The menu is oriented toward a small plate format, so we puzzled over how to get a full meal.  The cuisine is Baja-style with plenty of seafood, fresh vegetables and not burdened with an excess amounts of cheese.  Our food was excellent, but I thought the portions were small for the price charged.  For example, the side of grilled vegetables seemed skimpy, given that vegetables are inexpensive.  My friend ordered the Bomba chicken and then had to eat more dinner when we got home.  The check was over $100 for four, but only one of us had drinks and only one of us had dessert.  So, great food, but a bit stingy with the portions.

My only food critique is of the tequila flan, which was overly sweet and then topped with finely shredded cheese.  I understand the desire to balance the sweetness with a little salt, but I think a few grains of smoked sea salt would have been a better way to go.

Tequila flan

The side of grilled vegetables with trumpet mushrooms

Our trio of guacamole

The bar

This dish was great:  elote (sweet corn) on a tostada with cotija

Bomba chicken

A trio of tacos

The atmosphere of the restaurant is upbeat.  It opens onto the busy street.  There was Mexican pop music playing and a video of surfing.  Definitely a fun spot to take friends!  The sign on the street is "DxT", so look for that instead of "Death by Tequila".


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