Compass Balloons in San Diego County

Hot air balloons float over my house most afternoons.  So, I decided to send my children (adult) up in one.  We chose Compass Balloons.  We drove to the rendezvous site in Cardiff.  It is a small parking lot across from a gas station.  There were two vans with the baskets and balloon gear in tow.  The vans gathered the passengers and proceed to the launch site, about a 10 minute drive to a field near Olivenhain.  Champagne and snacks were served while the crew prepared the balloons.  Several companies launch from the site and it was fun to watch all the balloons being filled with hot air.  From the time we arrived at the parking lot (2:30 PM) until the children were aloft was about 45 minutes.  As the children floated away, we drove home.  We could see the balloons traveling south along the coast.

From our house, we watched the balloons through binoculars and could see the kids waving to us.  The balloons touched down in a field on Camino del Sur near Torrey Highlands.  We met the balloon and drove home.  If you don't have a personal chauffeur, a van returns you to the parking lot. 

We booked a shared ride, so there were a total of eight passengers.  It cost $179 per person.  "So fun!", the children reported.  "It was a little scary at first, because of the noise of the hot air, but then it was a very smooth ride with amazing views of the ocean and sunset."  "The landing was smooth, but a little scary." Each child tipped the pilot $20.  The actual air time was about one hour.  The balloons fly over some amazing mansions in Del Mar and Rancho Santa Fe!


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