The Crazy Horse Memorial and Prairie Berry Winery

After Mount Rushmore, it was a short drive to the Crazy Horse Memorial.  This monument to a leader to a great warrior and leader of the Lakota.  It is stunning.  Because of the snow and ice, we stayed in the visitors center, which offers a fine view.  There is also an observation deck.  The visitor center contains a small, but fine museum dedicated to the Native American peoples west of the Mississippi.  There is also a restaurant.  On the drive into the park, we saw deer and wild turkeys.  

Between Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial, we stopped at Prairie Berry Winery.  We had a delicious lunch, which included some mulled pumpkin bog wine.  There is a beautiful tasting room and they also had a range of house-made compotes.  We didn't have the time for a tasting, but would definitely recommended a visit.

My cheese plate with marcona almonds and house compote

Several of us got the hummus

A fine open-faced sandwich


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